Our Team

Marie Wood


Marie has co founded multiple successful businesses, showing a deep understanding of strategic business development demonstrating her ability to recognise gaps in the market, execute complex projects and manage high-risk environments. Her operational management skills, also highlight her capacity for creative visions and brand development. 

Marie's entrepreneurial journey has shifted to the construction sector where, together with her business partner Russ, she has led her company to an impressive £1.1 million turnover in the last year. This success highlights her skill in financial management, strategic planning and adapting to the industry.

Her partnership with Russ in the Gaia Property Group is a further example of her commitment to sustainable development and wellbeing-focused projects, where her leadership is characterised by innovation, strategic vision and a keen sense of market dynamics.

Maries diverse background and successful ventures reflect a leader who is able to navigate complex markets, lead high-performing teams and drive growth with a mindful approach to business and societies evolving needs.

Russ Ayres


Russ, co-founder of Gaia Property Group, is a model of entrepreneurial leadership, underpinned by a rich set of skills acquired in high-profile engagements. His early career, characterised by key roles at global consulting firms Oracle and McKinsey & Company in Sydney, not only fuelled his ambition for ambitious ventures, but also honed his strategic and analytical acumen. These experiences served as a crucible for Russ' impressive skills in navigating complex business landscapes and developing innovative strategies.

Together with his business partner Marie, Russ has built a successful floor screeding company that has naturally transitioned into the property development space. In doing so, he has demonstrated his adaptability and expertise in various aspects of the industry and proven his ability to anticipate and navigate market changes. Together with Marie, Russ has led their screed company to significant sales, demonstrating his strategic vision and operational efficiency. His leadership skills, characterised by meticulous planning and quick reactions, have contributed significantly to the success. As they expand into larger development projects, Russ' extensive skills and synergistic collaboration with Marie will enable them to make great strides in the property development sector.

Nouman Hashmi

Finance Advisor

A highly respected financial advisor and qualified accountant, Nouman has a wealth of experience and a proven history of starting and running successful businesses. With a distinguished career spanning more than twenty-five years, Nouman's entrepreneurial achievements and financial expertise are paramount in the property development industry.

Nouman's professional achievements include founding and managing several successful businesses, including Lytton Homes Holdings, Richmond Property Investments, Zeeniya Business Solutions and Zeeniya Capital Limited. These ventures are a testament to his extensive knowledge of property, financial services and insurtech. His expertise also includes areas such as compliance, licencing, financial management, accounting, taxation and business planning, cementing his reputation as an angel investor and specialist in e-money and mobile financial services. Prior to embarking on his entrepreneurial journey, Nouman held senior CFO and CEO positions in various multinational companies.

Nouman's partnership with Gaia Property Group brings a combination of inventive tactics and meticulous financial acumen. As a key external advisor, he guides our financial strategies and project progress, ensuring that our initiatives not only meet the highest standards, but also pave the way for sustainable and profitable growth. His knowledge is instrumental in developing our vision for developing properties that will stand as lasting legacies in the property landscape.

Mike Bell

FAB Architects, co-founded by Will Fisher and Mike Bell, is a multi-award-winning studio renowned for its bold and bespoke residential and spatial designs. Mike, a RIBA Chartered Architect and alumni of Oxford Brookes and the Royal College of Art, brings a wealth of experience from top firms like Grimshaw and Make Architects. 

The team specialise in creating personalised environments, and excels in transforming living spaces with a unique, client-focused approach, utilising cutting-edge 3D modelling and VR.

Celebrated in publications like Enki and Architects Journal, FAB ARCHITECTS stands out in the industry for its innovative designs that not only captivate but also significantly enhance the quality of life for their clients.